About Catalysis Engineering & Technology (CatET-2020)

World Summit on Catalysis Engineering & Technology will be a global platform to discuss various perspectives, research and cutting-edge developments in the field of catalysis. The meeting will take place annually in different part of the globe gathering experts to a common platform. The program will be a mix of fundamental, experimental and technology-oriented research so you can expect speakers and delegates from both academic and industrial sector.

At CatET 2020 leaders of research market from all over the world will share their experience with participants, encourage for new ideas and solutions.

Motto of CatET-2020

The aim of CatET-2020 is to unravel the benefits and emerging applications through the presentations by top class researchers, chemical engineers and Industrial heads by discussing the latest developments and innovations in the field of Catalysis.

Renowned Speakers

CatET-2020 Conference will include the most influential speaker and keynote lecture who will engage the global audience for exchange of ideas and perspectives for better understanding of Catalysis and its Implementation.


Over the course of 2-days the series of talks, poster presentations, discussions and networking events will keep participants engaged in learning and new connections at CatET-2020